Once the heart of the island

The old Town…

Among the oldest walls of the island of Procida there are certainly those of the Castle better known today as Il Carcere, with about 500 years of history one of the major attractions of Procida.

Born as a defensive strategy against the continuous pirate raids thanks to Cardinal Innico d’Avalos d’Aragona, feudal lord of the island, he ordered the construction of the aplazzo that closed the access from the sea to the Terra Casata. The project was carried out by Giovanni Battista Cavagna and Benvenuto Tortelli, completely redesigning the ancient nucleus of the Terra Casata.

The Castle was the residence of the d’Avalos family until the beginning of the 18th century until following the disagreements between Charles III of Bourbon (King of Naples) and Giovan Battista d’Avals, the island was confiscated and in 1744 it became a freehold of the Crown.

After 1815 it was first transformed into a military college and subsequently adapted to the needs of the new prison facility. The main entrance to the structure consisted of the Iron Gate that overlooked an external courtyard, the 4 floors of the building were divided according to the penalty.

How to get there

Reachable by bus L1 / L2 or by taxi. It is also advisable to reach it by bike, from the port it takes about 20-25 min.

Guided tours

Today it is possible to visit the prison during organized tours, an experience I recommend to everyone.