Il protettore dell’isola di Procida

Where worship and religion meet …

The Abbey of San Michele located overlooking the sea (about 91 meters high) you can admire the impressive complex religious and cultural center of the island.

The oldest part dates back to the 15th century. Born as a Benedictine monastery, it was presumably dedicated to San Michele, the first commendatory of the island was Marcantonio Arcamone, in 1489.


To enter the abbey there are two facades, the main one also known as Porta del Carmine with a fresco depicting the Madonna del Carmine, the other entrance located on the opposite side characterized by the statue of St. Michael the Archangel (restored in 1890).

The abbey consists of a central nave and two side aisles, on the left side there is a further nave with three chapels, once you cross the main entrance threshold you can admire a splendid coffered ceiling of wood gilded in pure gold with rosettes carved (completed towards the end of 1600), in the center is the most presigious painting, San Michele defeating Satan.

How to get there

Reachable by bus L1 / L2 or by taxi. It is also advisable to reach it by bike, from the port it takes about 20-25 min.