The business card of the island of Procida

Known as Marina Grande, it is the main port of the island of Procida

Immediately you are captured by the charm of the colorful houses and a typical Mediterranean architecture already from the ferry.

The first of the historic buildings of the port is the Palazzo Merlato, a 12th century building that was the summer residence of the king for some time.

Among the most historic and intriguing buildings is Palazzo Catena, a seventeenth-century building where the terraces and arches surmounted by curved battlements are still visible.

Instead, along the lively Via Roma to the Sancio Cattolico square you can see two religious symbols very dear to Procidan seafarers: the wooden crucifix of 1845 and the Church of Santa Maria della Pietà, whose characteristic baroque bell tower certainly does not go unnoticed.