The postcard of the island of Procida

When it comes to Procida it is difficult not to say Corricella, it is an ancient fishing village and still today it is easy to meet local people who work near the fishing nets.

Loved by writers, poets and artists, he was chosen by Massimo Troisi for the unforgettable film Il postino, there is also a small square in his name.

The small village is characterized by its colorful houses clearly visible from afar, legend has it that the pastel colors of the houses (pink, yellow, white, blue, orange) were used by local fishermen to recognize their homes from the sea.

The Corricella marina can only be reached by sea or by stairs, no cars, motorcycles or bicycles. There are two routes to reach the village, the first route (recommended for those who come down from Terra Murata) located near Piazza dei Martiri follows a steep descent called San Rocco, near the stairs you can orient yourself with a small ice cream shop, tobacconist or bar.

The second route (Callìa) includes about 150 steps, the particularity is that before descending you can admire a beautiful view of Corricella and Terra Murata and on days with the right visibility even Capri.