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Fishing tourism in Procida

Info pacchetto

Partenza da Marina Chiaiolella

Giro base, dalle 10:00 alle 12:00 con sosta balneazione, prezzo a partire da 35 euro a persona

Giro premium, dalle 12:00 alle 18:00, con varie soste balneari e con aperitivo o pranzo, prezzo a partire da 70 euro a persona

Giro in barca con aperitivo, dalle 18:30 alle 20:30, prezzo a partire da 35 euro a persona

Partenza da Marina Corricella

Giro base, durata 1:30 ora, prezzo a partire da 30 euro a persona

Giro premium, con pranzo a bordo dalla durata di 2 ore, a partire da 50 euro a persona

What can I see during the fishing tourism in Procida?

The experience of Pesca Turismo in the waters of Procida allows you to experience unforgettable emotions, spending a day in contact with the sea and in the company of real expert fishermen.

You will be able to discover the extraordinary corners of the most beautiful part of the coasts of the island of Arturo.

In fact, Fishing Tourism combines the pleasure of an excursion at sea, the adventure of fishing, the charm of “setting sail” and the exciting wait to see the catch emerge. A boat captain and a sailor will assist guests who will be involved in fishing and in all phases of catching fish and crustaceans during the hauling of the nets.